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Jay Liriano, better known by his stage name Listen2Liri, is an American born musician and Electronic Music/Hip-Hop music producer.


Rather than pander to the mainstream sound or create music for DJs alone, Liri has always tread his own, distinctive path - perhaps best summed up by his rhythmic multi-genre and sometimes multi-tempo House, Electronic and Hip Hop Instrumentals.


The concept is a simple one: Be Different, Be Unique, But keep them Vibing. Liri's independent output has stood out for its uniqueness and artistry, exactly expressed with the Hype Machine #1 track Beretta Lake (Listen2Liri Remix) - Teflon Sega . With his most recent project, "Metanoia Mondays" (A project which aims to release new music and remixes every Monday for 52 weeks!), the "Be Different, Be Unique, But keep them Vibing" message is being spread far and wide.


Listen2Liri also crafts impactful, Drum-Knocking, Sample-Based Hip Hop Instrumentals with a splash of motivational audio in there as well. In 2017 Listen2Liri released The Grind Collective. By far his most thought-provoking project - The Grind Collective is the first in a series of beat- tapes that examine and pulls together thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, philosophies, and mantras from all forms of media and cultures and blends them with knocking hip-hop beats.

Always defined by an infectious groove and rhythm, Listen2Liri is ready for a steady, assured rise over the next few years.

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