Waikiki - Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) (Remix) 13.04.2019 - 20:08

Waikiki is a songwriter and artist living in Norway. She creates dance/pop music with tropical Polynesian influences. Waikiki is a local girl from Maui, Hawaii, but her life story has taken her far from the local Hawaiian scene.

It all began after winning a local beauty contest when she won a modeling contract to Japan. The Japanese market was instrumental in promoting her career as an actress & singer because she could speak Japanese.


From here she went to Europe which led to a singing career in Norway. Here she performed with His Majesty The King’s Guard while hosting Independence Day for the American Embassy. She performed for Atomic Ski in Lillehammer, Norway during Winter Olympics. It was with great honor she was asked to perform at the Red Carpet Oscar Award afterparty for the historic film “Kon-Tiki”.


Eventually, she was signed to EMI Warner Chappell. They released her first single called “Maui No Ka Oi”, which made the top 20 VG list in Norway, “Maui No Ka OI” caused a sensation in France & Europe through the efforts of Rapid T.V. in England and eventually became an International hit and was also accepted to play in episode on “Baywatch Hawaii”.


JVC Records in Tokyo followed up and released her second single “Paradise” out of Japan. It sold 100.000 units which caused it to go platinum in Norway.


Followed up by “Pina Colada” and “Side of Fire” both being released in Norway to became Scandinavian Top 100 Dance Chart Hits. “Pina Colada” made the Top 30 Norwegian radio list.


Following the release of “Pina Colada,” she attracted the interest of French label “Stick Music”, to do a French singing version of the track “Pina Colada”. It created a buzz on French radio stations.


For many years she has performed with her dancers at the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway as the official Poyloniesan Culture Show. The Norwegian Government has been instrumental in advancing her career with contracts for Statoil on the Norwegian oil platforms in the North Sea, tours to Norwegian Base Camps in Norway, and an adventurous tour to Kosovo and Macedonia to entertain the KFOR Forces of the United Nations.


December 2017 she performed in Chengdu, China after an invite from the Chinese Government. She performed at the Silk Road Indie Music Festival 2017. It was 15 countries that took part in the event and she represented Norway and received an award for “Outstanding Performance”.


Watch out for her new release summer 2019. The single is called “Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) Remix”. Soon to be available on Spotify.

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